The Must-Haves for Going Back to School

22 Aug 2017
The Must-Haves for Going Back to School

Time goes so quickly, it’s already almost time to go back to school! That means it’s time to start preparing mentally for the school year ahead. It also means it’s time to do some serious shopping. There are always so many essential items that are required for school. Here are some of the essential must haves every child wants and needs for the year ahead.

A Decent Rucksack

A strong bag really is essential. There are so many items that children must take to and from school. You want to make sure the bag will hold everything it needs to, whilst ensuring it is strong enough to stand the test of term time. The last thing you want is to have to replace a bag after a couple of weeks as it simply wasn’t up to the demands of the job.

Backpacks are a great choice to make as they help to distribute the weight of the items evenly, protecting your little one’s back at all times.

The Gym Bag

Another essential item is the gym bag – never to be confused or double-booked as a rucksack! Your child isn’t going to want their trainers or sweaty clothes in with their school books and lunch. A gym bag needs to be big enough to hold trainers and the kit that is being used all year round. It’s better to buy for the sport that uses the most equipment (such as football or hockey). That way you’ll be certain that the gym bag you choose will be suitable for each sport.

The School Uniform

School uniform shopping can be an expensive business, especially when your child starts at a new school. Before buying uniform, you should read the rules on uniform that is supplied by your child’s school. Many schools have very strict rules on uniform, even when it comes to the style of coats and bags that are used. Check the rules to avoid having to replace items as soon as school starts.

A Swim Towel

Do you want your lovely towel dragging along the floor in a rather unpleasant smelling swimming pool changing room? Probably not. Treat your child to a towel of their own that can be used just for their swimming classes. They will be happy to pick out a towel that meets with their personal tastes and you can keep your soft bath sheet for pamper nights at home.

Notebooks and Organisers

A great way to encourage a child to be organised is to provide them with a few simple tools. A notebook or an organiser really can work wonders when it comes to inspiring organisation. Writing lists, creating schedules, these are all useful skills that can be fun too. A stylish notebook really can make all the difference, especially if you can find one that’s personalised towards your child!

Don’t Forget the Stationary!

Finally, you will need to supply some good quality stationary. Many schools now provide stationary at primary school, but it’s still necessary to buy some for the home. Children will have home work to do, but many also love to practice and use their new skills during downtime at home too. A good selection of pens and pencils really is a must. Don’t forget to pick up a new pencil case while you’re at it!

Do you have all these essentials ticked off your back to school must have list? It’s not too late to get organised and stock up on school equipment for the year ahead.

Want to make sure you have everything your little one needs for going back to school? Download our free back to school checklist here!



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