A-Z Gift Ideas for Your Husband

A-Z Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Husbands can be difficult to buy for. A lot of the time they will say theyd be happy with free reign over the remote control for the weekend. Sometimes they want items that are only affordable for millionaires! You could always buy socks and boxers, but wheres the fun in that? We hope to provide you with some assistance with our A-Z of gift ideas for your husband.


Pick the perfect picture, have it framed and hang it in the perfect spot.

Beer Glass

A personalised glass is a gift that keeps on giving.

Chef Apron

For the master chef in the family.

Dark Side Star Wars Pillow Case

A must for any Star Wars fan.


Book him into the newly fitted out gym or sign him up for an exercise class hes always thought about joining but never got around to. Better yet, exercise together and both benefit from a new lease of life.

Football Wall Art

Liven up his den with his favourite team.

Golf Clubs

Personalise a golf club and send him off to the green for a few hours.

Home Motif Black Cushion

Stop him complaining about his bad back with a masculine cushion for his office chair.

Initial Round Marble Board

A great present for the man who loves spending time creating masterpieces in the kitchen.

Just You

The gift that is perfect for busy couples – time together, away from the home, work and everyone else.

Keep Calm Hanging Slate

A little gift that will help your husband to manage his stress levels, or at least make him smile. The hanging slates are also perfect for writing chalk reminders and notes on.


A classic lantern is a great way to add a historic feel to his favourite corner.

Marble Cheese Board

The ideal gift if your man loves his cheese.

Name Artwork

He has a name, use it in a personalised framed artwork.

Office Toys

Office toys help to inspire creativity and provide ways of combatting stress, theyre also fun!


Slate placemats can be personalised and they are practical too.

Quill Set

Perfect if your man loves to put pen to paper.

Royal Crown Scented Candle

Scented candles are enjoyed by everyone in the room.

Slate Cheese Board

Cheese and crackers enjoyed in style when served on a personalised cheese board.

Ticket Collectors Box

Keep cinema tickets, tickets to gigs and festivals, flights, any ticket to a memorable event in a stylish box that adds to the décor.

Unique to You

Take the perfect photograph and have it framed in a classic, personalised wooden photo frame.

Vintage Bike Cushion

For the cool rider in your life.

Wooden Sign

Personalise the man cave, shed, office or garage with a stylish personalised hanging sign.

X-Ray Vision

Okay, we know were pushing it here, but perhaps a novelty gift idea that he always dreamt of owning in his youth would be a great place to start.

Yes or No Pillowcase

Is he in the mood? Let the personalised pillow start the conversation for you.

Zombie Survival Kit

The perfect gift for the man who cant get enough of zombie movies, video games and TV series. A personalised hip flask needs to be included.

Personalised Gift Ideas

Personalised gifts show that you have put some extra thought and time into the gift buying process. Emblazing names or initials on gifts make the ownership of the present 100% clear, theres no confusion. The present is marked with the name of the owner, its theirs and theirs alone.

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