Get Set for the Gym Ideas – New Year, New You!

Get Set for the Gym Ideas – New Year, New You!

Here at Perfect Personalised Gifts we understand that getting motivated to hit the gym isn't the easiest of tasks – especially after Christmas! You have probably just returned to work, feeling rather sluggish, after having some time off with your family, friends and your fridge.
If you feel like youve overindulged this winter, the gym is going to help you get back into shape! Maybe its time you got serious about this and bought some new gym gear? Who said you have to wear the same clothing as everyone else? Why not consider some of our great gym clothing options, along with free personalisation to make your work-out experience unique.

Here are a few of the gym ideas you should take advantage of this new year:

TriDri Performance Leggings
Our TriDri Performance Leggings are high quality comfortable leggings ideal for all gym activities, whether taking to the circuit or heading into an aerobics class. These leggings are available in space pink or space silver and are designed to ensure your movement isn't compromised during training. The leggings come with the added comfort of a deep waistband and contrast overlooking stitching. An absolute must for the gym this year!

Gym Bunny TriDri Racerback Vest
Our Gym Bunny TriDri Racerback Vest is a must have for any gym goer, ideal for active women who need unrestricted movement. You can personalise it with your name, making your gym wear completely unique to you.
This vest is available in charcoal or hot pink and purple. Made from high quality 100% polyester material, this creates a lightweight design that is both breathable and comfortable. Just what you need when walking into the gym for the first time this year!

Gym Muscles and Mascara TriDri Racerback Vest
Any active woman will love this gym vest designed with a fun slogan and personalised with your name. These vests offer a curved hem and are made from 100% polyester material. We have chosen the polyester vest due to its breathable qualities and lightweight solutions.

I Sweat Glitter Slouch Fit Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt is a must, you can simply throw it over your gym wear after training for that all-glamorous, all-sweaty image. The I Sweat Glitter Slouch Fit Sweatshirt is available in black and grey with a message on the front that says ‘I Sweat. Something you should be trying to do a lot more this year! It comes with a wide neckline and raglan sleeves with ribbed cuffs and hem. Made from the finest cotton to ensure comfort and breathability at all times!

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