Make Your House a Home with Brilliant Gifts

Make Your House a Home with Brilliant Gifts

Youve just moved into your new home. Everything is unboxed (finally) and already youre beginning to feel completely settled. You probably went through a ruthless packing stage in your old house, throwing away mountains of belongings to declutter your life and make the move easier. Decluttering is always a great idea, but that often means your new home may need one or two things that may have been thrown out recklessly. Dont panic, make your house a home with these brilliant personalised new home gifts.

Personalised Chopping Board

A very common item that is thrown out during a move is the old chopping board. They are often heavily scratched and they dont seem worthy of the new fabulous kitchen that awaits. Chopping boards are essential items as they protect the work surfaces in the kitchen. They also help to keep everything hygienic and tidy as you produce meals and snacks.

You can buy cheap plastic chopping boards but its better to invest in a quality wooden or even bamboo personalised chopping board. They look better, theyre more hygienic and reducing the amount of plastic in the home is always a good thing.

Scented Candles

Smells play an important role in our comfort levels. Scented candles induce feelings of serenity, peacefulness, relaxation and can even trigger memories. Thats not all, certain scents improve concentration and even energise the body and the mind. At the very least, certain aromas simply smell divine! Strategically place scented candles throughout the home and use them to promote emotions and moods for each space. Upgrade the gift with a personalised candle holder!

Cushions for Comfort and Design

Cushions help to make any house a home as they make the home look lived in, loved and give off a sense of comfort. Personalised cushions are a wonderful idea. They help to add some personality to the home. Use full names or even single initials on the cushion covers for a stylish touch. Cushions can be used on sofas and chairs and on beds, its hard to go overboard!

Personalised cushions can be used to provide additional support while reading, watching television or when working from home. They can even be used as extra seating options for when the family come to visit!

Make your house a home with these brilliant personalised new home gift ideas. They also make excellent gift ideas to give to friends and family, for any occasion. These simple gifts really do help to give the home more personality while serving a purpose.

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