Perfect Personalised Pet Gifts

Perfect Personalised Pet Gifts

At Perfect Personalised Gifts, we understand just how important pets are to their owners; in fact, we think they deserve their own range of special gifts. Our personalised pet gifts are perfect for animal lovers and their furry friends.

Got a friend who loves pets more than people? Want to treat your fur babies to something special? Whether youre a cat person, a dog person, or you just love anything with four legs and fur, weve got something to suit.

Personalised Pet Bowls

We know that pets cant read (or maybe they can), but why not show the world how special your dog, cat or rabbit is by treating them to their own personalised pet bowl? We offer a fantastic range of customisable designs to suit your tastes (or your pets taste if they are particularly fussy). Perfect for feline feasts, bunny banquets or the dogs dinner!

Personalised Pet Placemats

Pets can be messy when they eat. Lets face it, if we had to eat from a bowl without using our hands then we probably would be too. Luckily, we have a range of personalised pet placemats to help make managing the mess a little easier. Once your pet has finished scattering food and dripping water, simply wipe the mat clean and pop it back, ready for your pet to mess it up again.

Personalised Pet Blankets

Keep your pets warm and cosy with a personalised pet blanket. There will be no confusion over who these comfy, snuggly blankets belong to; if the paw print design doesnt give it away, then the beautifully embroidered name will. Ideal for pet beds, the end of your bed, or wherever your furry friend likes to nap.

What's in a name?

All our pet gifts can be personalised with a name, but what are the most popular names? Are people moving away from traditional pet names such as Rover, Fluffy, Spot and Lucky? Surveys certainly appear to indicate that more people are picking human names for their pets instead. Bella, Poppy and Daisy are popular for both female cats and dogs, whilst Max, Oscar, Charlie and Alfie are popular for males.

Naming your pet is tough. After all, you dont want to call out for “Max†in the park and have five dogs running towards you at once. Should you try and choose something unique?

What if you have two pets? Do you pick two unrelated names or name them as a pair; Bonnie and Clyde, Tom and Jerry, Starsky and Hutch?

Whatever name you picked for your pet, we can personalise an item especially for them. Treat Felix or Cleo or Buster or Simba to one of our fantastic pet gifts.

Check out our range of personalised pet gifts and find the purr-fect present for the animal lovers in your life.

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