Personalised Gifts for Their First Day at School

Personalised Gifts for Their First Day at School

Your childs first day at school is a huge milestone in their life. As their parent, you will be watching them make the transition from pre-schooler to reception student. Its a scary moment! Your child could be super confident about their big day or nervous about leaving you. Either way, some personalised gifts are an excellent way to help them take those first few nervous steps into school.

If you are after some inspiration, we have some great gift ideas for you below!

Personalised Gifts for Their First Day at School

Back to School Stationery

One of the things most kids need when they first start school is a pencil case filled with pencils and pens. It will take a while before they learn to write with confidence, but a personalised pencil case stamped with their name will make it easier. It is also helpful if your child is the type who leaves his belongings everywhere. A personalised pencil case makes it much easier to reunite your child with his precious pencils!

Once you have a pencil case, a personalised stationery pack is a great idea. They can play with this when they get home from school too. Practicing colouring and drawing is a great stress reliever. Make no mistake, the first few weeks at school will be stressful, so its a good idea to ease your child through this transition stage carefully or he might struggle to adapt. First day at school gifts will show him how proud you are. Every child needs to know this!

Personalised Notebooks and Backpacks

Wouldnt it be nice to give your child a personalised notebook, so they can doodle, practice writing, and draw pictures? Its a lovely gift for a creative child.

Backpacks too! One of the most practical back to school supplies all kids need is a sturdy backpack. Kids are often given piles of books when they start school. Exercise books, reading books and textbooks are part and parcel of school life, so it is wise to provide a suitable backpack to help your child carry all their learning materials.

PE Bags

You can avoid the trauma of a misplaced PE kit (and the dreaded spare kit) by gifting your child a personalised PE bag with their name on it. You can do the same with a swim kit bag or a football kit bag.

Make your child feel special with some personalised back to school supplies. And if you need any help choosing the perfect item, contact us today!

Perfect Personalised Gifts have a selection of back to school gifts that can make your child's first day at school exciting and memorable. You can browse our collection of school gifts here.

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