Personalised Neon Lights

Personalised Neon Lights

Personalised gifts are a great gift for any occasion. You can buy one for a friend, loved one, colleague, teacher, or pretty much anyone you like! For example, most of us drink tea or coffee, so personalised mugs are useful. A little bit middle of the road maybe – so why not liven things up a bit with some personalised neon lights!? No seriously…

Theres nothing wrong with a good ol mug of course, especially one thats got your name or picture on it, but usually only if youre buying for your dad or a teacher. Perhaps your favourite uncle, or someone like that. Personalised neon lights are so much cooler and have way more wow-factor than almost any other personalised gift on the market.

They are also the type of gift you can buy anyone – whether it be for sentimental reasons or just for novelty. What you will find surprising about them is just how versatile they are – in that you can do more with a neon light than youd first think! So, if you are looking for a gift with a difference, personalised neon lights are a fun idea.

Personalised Neon Lights

But its Just a Light, Right?

Wrong! Okay so essentially, maybe yes, it is a light. A really cool neon light though, one that introduces a very chilled and relaxed aura to a dark room. When you personalise this with your own lettering though, the gift becomes more than just a source of illumination.

Personalised gifts in general are quite special because they can portray a message or feeling specific to the recipient. In most cases, people will have their name illuminated in a neon sign – but you can choose someones favourite word or catchphrase. They also make a fantastic nightlight for newborns and toddlers – and you can use their name to make it personal to them.

Are Neon Lights Dangerous?

The neon lights you see on buildings and in stores are made from traditional blown neon. These are expensive to buy and not suitable for home use. Personalised neon lights are far more affordable. They are made from flexible neon tubing, which can be moulded into any shape or design. This means you can create a personalised message or motif to fit the recipient.

Brand Signage and Window Signs

Of course, neon signs are generally associated with business branding and window signage for trade, shops, takeaways and such. Although in these circumstances, the typical blown neon type will be used on most occasions.

That isnt to say you cannot buy a branded sign for your friend or loved one if they have their own little bedroom business, market stall or retail property. Perhaps you know someone who owns a bar? Personalised neon lights are always a great idea for companies, projects and self-employed specialists of all kinds!

Neon Personalised Christmas Wreath

Struggling to buy for a particular person this Christmas? There is always one awkward person on the list isnt there!? Why not treat them to an early Xmas gift and buy them a personalised neon Christmas wreath? Or better still, forget anyone else, grab one of these for yourself! Light up your name in the middle of a bright green neon-lit wreath and youll have the best-looking door-front in your neighbourhood!

Talk to us today if personalised neon signs are on your shopping list. Were here to help!

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