The Best Back to School Gifts for the Kids

The Best Back to School Gifts for the Kids

Are your children excited to go back to school? Some children cannot wait to head back to the classroom and see their friends. Others find it a little harder to be motivated. Whether your child loves or hates school you can encourage them by treating them to some useful back to school gifts.

Theres no need to spend a fortune on frivolous presents, many back to school essentials make the perfect personalised gifts. Below youll see just a few of our favourites.

The Must Have Bag

Its hard to resist the appeal of a brand-new bag, regardless of your age or gender. A bag says so much and it can be a great way of expressing personality. School life requires all sorts of bags. You have the general rucksack to keep pencil cases and lunch boxes inside. Then you have book bags, gym bags and even swim bags! Thats a whole lot of bags!

Make the back to school gift extra special by personalising it for your child. This will help to prevent it from getting lost at school too. Personalised gifts or not, do remember to label each bag and encourage your child to pick out their favourite ones. You want them to be happy with their choice and proud to carry their bag to and from school each day.

Stationery Gifting

Do you love stationery? Youre not alone. Many of us find it impossible to resist new stationary, even when our drawers are packed full of pens and pencils at home. Most of these stationary obsessives started their addiction in school. There really is something quite special about a brand-new pencil case filled with new pens and pencils, an unused sharpener and an unbent ruler. It can encourage writing, drawing and colouring in too. Stationary really is an excellent option when choosing personalised back to school gifts.

Personalised Notebooks

Notebooks are another sensible yet appealing back to school gift. Notebooks might not always be needed in the classroom, but they are fantastic in the home. Encourage your child to doodle, draw and practice their letters at any given opportunity. Having notebooks around the home will help your children to gain confidence in writing and drawing respectively. Notebooks are also useful in promoting creativity and imaginary play. Time to take the register, everyone!

These back to school gifts will help to prepare your child for the classroom and hopefully help them to feel excited about the next chapter ahead. Dont forget to personalise the gifts to help your child recognise what belongs to them in the classroom!

Want to make sure you have everything your little one needs for going back to school? Download our free back to school checklist here!

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