What type of Dad is your Dad?

What type of Dad is your Dad?

Finding it hard to pick the perfect gift for Dad? See if your Dad fits into any of these typical Dad types to make your choice easier this Fathers Day. From the DIY Fanatic to the Sports Guru, we have the perfect gifts for any type of Dad.

The DIY Dad

Is your Dad prone to tinkering? Is he always taking things apart and putting them back together? You definitely have a DIY Dad. So, treat him this Fathers Day to a gift that will help him with those DIY tasks! Like somewhere to keep his tools in one place or his very own personalised hammer.

The Big Feeder

Does you Dad enjoy his food and tend to cook for the 500? Your Dad is definitely a foodie kind of guy! Any food related gifts will surely feed his love for food, no pun intended. Keep him clean from messy stains with a personalised apron or even a BBQ trug for those sunny days!

The Sports Fanatic

Is he likely to be watching every sport possible in the living room shouting at the TV thinking they can hear every word? Your Dad is no doubt a sports fanatic and no one can get in the way of his love for sport. Theres no better gift this Fathers Day than a personalised sports gift, obviously. From personalised sports books to personalised hip flasks, there are plenty of sports gifts just for Dad.

The Alcohol Connoisseur

Does your Dad enjoy a tipple of the finer things in life? The Alcohol Connoisseur deserves nothing more than a personalised alcohol gift this year. With a wide range of choice, from a personalised pint glass or a beer cap keepsake box to a personalised ice bucket or a whisky glass.

The Green Finger

Does he love to potter around the garden catching the English sun as he goes? Your Dad is a definite Green Finger and its only right to get him a gift that will compliment his garden this Fathers Day. From a personalised Fork and Trowel Set to a personalised garden sign, there is so much choice available.

There are so many gifts to choose from for Fathers Day this year, so hopefully finding what type of Dad you have will help you make the perfect decision when picking a gift. Take a look at the other Fathers Day Gifts we have available here.

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